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What Are
Attention Keepers?

Do They

Any restaurant that employs Attention Keeprs is allowing local businesses to put their advertising message in front of that restaurant's patrons.

These patrons are going to be seated at that table for at least one hour. During that hour, they will have approximately 10-20 mins. with nothing to do but wait.

They are captive to the service and the time it takes to order, recieve, eat and wait to leave.

During those 10-20 mins. their minds want to be occupied. Think about it...

What do you do for those minutes you aren't ordering or eating? You look around, read almost anything your eyes fall upon and if there is nothing like that you might even create little mental stories about the other diners sharing the restaurant with you.spacer


That's where the Attention Keepers come in. They are right there on the table in front of you.

They are colorful. They have multiple images which attract your "Attention". For lack of anything else to do, you read.

Now, you have no intention of buying anything that might be advertised on the "Attention Keeper" (place mat), but it keeps your mind occupied.

So, you read. Suddenly you see an ad for something you have been thinking about and it becomes more interesting.

You might even point it out to your group. Whatever the case, the Attention Keeper kept your attention and filled those few minutes with something to do.

And you found a cheese shop that you want to visit. It's a local business and that makes it even better!

cheese shope ad

But, do the Attention Keepers really work? Well, you just read them over. And you found something of interest.

You even noticed the QR Code and used your smartphone to get more information about the business you were interested in.

Sounds like it might be working to me! But, don't take my word for it.

When you follow this link: Details you will not only find testimonials from some of our clients, but samples of actual Attention Keepers and where we have them, how many we place and what it costs to put your message on them.

What is this target market? The consumer that lives within a 5-30 mi. radius of the business, has discretionary income to spend and an inclination to spend it.

Does that sound like YOUR perfect customer/client or patient? If it does you might consider putting your message on an Attetnion Keeper in one or more than one of our participating restaurants.


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