V.I.P. Programs


Your Restaurant Depends on Repeat Business!


Every restaurant needs to keep its seats filled. Every restaurant depends on repeat business. You have your core of patrons who come back over and over again. They are the backbone of your success.

We all know that we need new patrons as well.We will leave new patron acquisition to a later discussion. For now, let’s concentrate on those who already know you and return time and again to enjoy the ambience and the ample servings of delicious food you serve upĀ  on a daily basis.

These are the folks who make it possible for you to do what you have been called to do.

people eating

Provide an attractive, inviting atmosphere where people can eat together and enjoy good service and great food.

Don’t you think they deserve a Thank You? How better to say Thank You than offer them a special that is only available to them? Life would be so much more positive if some one just said “thanks” on occasion

We will set up your entire program, provide you signage and all you need to promote your program in house. Including three sided table tents which can contain one side to promote the V.I.P. Program and two that can contain Your Restaurant’s Information.

Table Tents

We will provide the auto responder and create all the graphical e-mails. We will schedule the deliveries, with your pre-approval. We will manage the list and provide you with an excel file (updated every 3 months) so you can have the same list we do.

We will create e-mails that can be sent out at your discretion for holidays or as seat fillers.

We will send out a monthly special e-mail to the list and can send the above mentioned seat fillers as well.

We’ll handle it all for you. All you have to do is tell us what your offer is and approve it for sending when we send you the proof. You can set back & relax…

restaurant dream

Oh, and the cost? Please remember ALL you have to do is provide us with the specials for each month and any holiday or seat fillers you want to have on hand for anytime sends. We handle everything else. We’ll even contact you a month and a half ahead to get the info for next special.

So, there is a one time set up fee of $500.00. This covers all the up front work required to set up the auto responders, creating the template for the monthly e-mails, creating the signage, table tents, and all associated recurring images & structure.

Then there is a monthly recurring charge dependent on the size of the list. If you have a current list we can start with that has fewer than 1,000 names or we have to start from scratch the monthly cost would be $200.00.

When the list goes over 1,000 names the cost would increase to $350.00 and if your list eclipses 2,500 the monthly charge would be $550.00 (cost tops out here no matter how many names above 2,500 you may have).

This covers everything, including two seat filler mailings per month and a mailing for any holidays you wish to celebrate.

This program requires a one year minimum term. It auto renews unless you give us written cancellation instructions 2 months prior to renewal date. You will be reminded of renewal date and cancellation requirements 3 months prior to renewal.


Click Here to choose your plan. We would be honored to work with you and your restaurant to reward those who set at your tables and in your booths daily.


As a special if you use the promo code: VIP your monthly cost will be half of published rates for the first year. Just put the code in the Promo Code Box when prompted and you will be taken to the page reflecting the special rates.