Video Creation

When You Need More Than
An Edited Stock Video

Video Best Viewed at Full Screen

Now, that video was a bit long. But, to properly show you some things we had to make it a little longer. I hope you watched the whole thing.

Most videos used on line are around 30 to 90 seconds in length. Much like a TV commercial. Attention spans are short and on line they are even shorter. So, your video has to grab them from the get go.

As you saw, if you watched, we can even put video inside of a video. This gives video even more POWER to attract the attention of your visitor.

You can use video to:

  • Demonstrate a Product
  • Train Some one on How to Use a Product
  • Entertain
  • Sell
  • Tell A Story
  • Much More

The point being that video is very versatile and the combination of images, sound, motion and music can compel a viewer to complete a call to action and therefore make that all important contact that can lead to acquiring a new customer or keeping an existing one engaged with you.

We can even create audio from text. The lady speaking on the above video was actually text to audio. We are versatile and we are flexible.

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