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Welcome to our VIP Program sign up page. We are excited about the possibility of working with you to reward your loyal customers and keep those seats filled with paying, returning patrons. We have 3 plans available for you. Each is based on the number of names on your list. Most will be able to use the Starter PLan and move up as the list grows.

The Starter Plan

This plan has a $500.00 one time set-up charge & a monthly charge of $200.00 and allows for up to 1,000 names on the list. We can start from scratch or import your existing list.

The Middle Ground Plan

This plan has the same $500.00 set-up charge and is for lists or 1,000 to 2,500 names. (If you start out with the Starter Plan and your list eclipses 1,000 you will be moved to the Middle Ground Plan upon renewal). The monthly cost of this plan is: $350.00.

The Whole Deal Plan

The same $500.00 set up fee applies here and the this is the top out level. Once your list eclipses 2,500 names the monthly cost will go to $550.00 upon renewal and will not increase no matter how many names are on the list.

It does not matter which plan you choose, you will get the following:

We will handle everything except determine the specials you wish to offer on a monthly basis and/or the holiday and up to two seat filler mailings per month.

You will have proof approval rights before any mailing is sent out.

We will create a sign-up mailing everyone gets when they submit their information welcoming them to the program and offering them a welcome special (of your choice). This special will remain the same for the first year and can be changed upon renewal.

The program auto renews unless we receive written cancellation 2 months prior to renewal date. The durarion of the Prograams is a minimum of one year. (We will notify you approximately two and one half months prior to renewal date with any plan changes and acknowledge your cancellation rights so you have plenty of time to act).

The Starter Plan

As defined above the cost for the Starter Program is: $2,900 for the first year and $2,400.00/yr. after that.

The Middle Ground Plan

As defined above the cost for the Middle Ground Plan is: $4,700.00 for the first year and $4,200.00/yr. after that.

The Whole Deal Plan

The cost of The Whole Deal Program as defined above is: $7,100.00 for the first and $6,600.00/yr. after that.

Please fill out and submit the form below. You will then be taken to the page where you can choose which porgram is right for you.
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