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Here you can access the monthly version of our newsletter which we hope you will enjoy and maybe learn from. We try to keep it from being salesy, but on occasion we will put an ad or two with it, usually in a side panel so as to not interfere with the fun. It is an 8 page pubilcation with personal stories, fun, business tips and even a recipe for you to try. Note: this is designed as a mail piece, so the layout here is page 4 top left, page one top right, page 3 bottom right & page 2 bottom left.

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Hope you enjoy our little missvie and find it fun, entertaining and even educational. Our Passion is the locally owned businesses that serve their communities. We believe that these local businesses are the backbone of all economies and are much more important that the big box ones that swoop into town, try to eliminate the smaller, locally owned ones and sooner or later go bankrupt and leave a big hole in the local economy they invaded. Enjoy...

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