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Copywriting is simply writing sales copy for marketing programs.

Whether it is for a web site, a direct mail campaign, a newspare ad, a readio commercial, a video or any media desgined to carry a marketing message, copywritng is what gets the job done.

Copywriting is designed to persuade and convice. It can be short or long. It can be straight text or include graphics. It is what tells the story and it is the story that sells.

If you have visited other pages in this site you may have already been exposed to the Marketing Triangle:

Marketing Triangle

Copywriting is the Message (what) you send to your Market (who) using Media (how). Get each of these legs of your marketing plan right and your marketing will make you money, not cost you money!

Now. copywriting is no more important to your Marketing Triangle than the other two legs, but get it wrong and your results will be less than optimum. Just as if your market or media are wrong but you have great copywriting.

Many experts say that for every dollar you spend on marketing you should receive 3 dollars in return. To accomplish this task you must make sure all three of the legs of your marketing triangle are strong, proper and targeted!

While we all know that ATD Marketing isn't Goodby Silverstein & Partners: Creators of the Budweiser frogs, and it is perhaps best known for its humorous “Got Milk?” campaign for the California Milk Board. We don't have that kind of talent and you don't have that kind of money. It really is an economy of scale.

But our target market isn't Budweiser or the California Milk Board. Our target market is you, the small, local business owner, who needs to market his/her products and/or services

But, just like Budweiser and the California Milk Board you need to have customers, clients and/or patients actively engaged and purchasing from you. And one way you do that is buy marketing your business. So, no matter whether you are sending out a direct mail piece, putting a product, service or any other offer on line, or sending a business e-mail or just making a sign to attract attention inside your business, copywriting is central to your success

ATD Marketing has taken courses from Dan Kennedy, AWAI,and others in the marketing and copywriting fields and can craft sales letters, e-mail campaigns, vip club campaigns as well as direct mail. We do extensive research to assure your message is written to your target market. Our printing and design experieince gives us the ability to not only produce the copy, but also any printed, web or e-mail piece you might need for your program.

You Know You Need It

But you aren't sure if you have the knowledge, the skill or the time to do it properly annnnnnnnnd, you don't want to spend all your money just to see no results. We get it!

We, just like you are a small, independent business with far fewere resources than the big boys. Our cash flow looks like a roller coaster and the phone doesn't ring nearly as often as we would wish. But we keep marketing and refining our offers and presntations just as yuo do for your business.Iin order for you to get the results you want we approach things differently.

Differently, you might ask? In What Way?

Well, we try to get out clients to quit being like everybody else. All you get from doing that is the same results everybody else is getting. Like the geat Dan Kennedy, we believe in direct response marketing.

We believe, and think you will too, that the ultimate goal of ANY ad, message, commercial you pay good money for should accomplish at least one thing...Get the person exposed to it to Contact you You can't accomplish your ultimate goal (exchanging what you have to offer for money) if you don't get anyone to contact you. Copywriting must persuade the viewer to Contact You!

A second aspect of direct response marketing is the ability to track results. Most traditional marketing/advertising schemes tend to focus on branding. While some media are not well suited for direct response and branding messages work well, in most cases you need to make sales and branding can happen because of your direct marketing efforts. Many businesses have gone under because they spent so much time and money branding they forgot to sell anything to support it. Concentrate on moving product and services and the branding will take care of itself.

ATD Marketing can craft your sales letter, e-mail marketing campaign, sales funnel and many other forms of copywriting you need for your business. We don't chage $1,000's of dollars per day and we always remember it is your campaign, not ours. We will llisten, give our advice and point of view and make sure that, above all else, anythnig we do for you will reflect positively on you and your business.

By the way, we even have programs designed to pay for success. A very different approah where you pay a low monthly fee and when what we do works you reward us with a set fee for that success. I guarantee you that this is  WAY DIFFERENT than anything you have ever seen. It costs NOTHING to check it out, it could cost you a lot to overlook it.

So, give me a call at (217) 474-3971 or send me an e-mail and let's talk. Never an obligation, just looking for an informed decsion.

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