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Google's "Mice" Update!!!!

If you have a web site, this is IMPORTANT!

As of April 21, 2015 Google we applying its new "mice" algorithms. If your current web site isn't optimized for viewing on a mobile device (smartphones, in particular) You may lose all that hard work you did to get high rankings to justify all the money you have put into your Internet Presence!

Click Here to see why you need to optimize your site and call (217) 474-3971 or e-mail me @ to discuss how you can beat the deadline and save your rankings.

Why use a hammer when a
paint brush is what you need?


Using the Proper Tool Can Help You
Attain the Desired Result!

Words are a tool and using the proper tool can get the job done whereas using the wrong tool can cause the meaning to get lost and the result to be less than desirable.

The time to say it write is always NOW!

Many times you only have a split second to get your readers' attention. You must capture their minds and imagination right away or they will put down your piece or click away from your page.

Our Toolbox is Full of the Write Tools.

As a Member of AWAI, ATD Marketing has the tools needed to craft your marketing piece, your web copy, your e-mails and autoresponder copy and even your teaser copy on the envelope!

Let ATD Marketing Help!

We specialize in business to business copy. We are a small business that markets to other small businesses so, your market is our market.

Our arsenal includes extensive experience in the business to business marketplace. For example:

  • We have over 25 years experience in the printing industry. This brings you an insider's position when dealing with printers and their requirements.
  • We have extensive knowledge of graphic design; which gives you an inside on the appearance of your project without having to employ a separate company.
  • We have over 30 years of direct marketing experience. This gives you the advantage by having all your marketing in one place. You can deal with one marketing advisor for ALL your marketing needs.
  • Our passion for business will give you the inside track when it comes to your clients. We will do the research needed to make sure the tools you use are the proper tools. Tools to get the job done write and achieve the results you desire.
  • We will save you time and money by allowing you to operate your business while we provide the words and tools necessary to bring the results you need to succeed.

Compelling web copy, mail pieces, white papers
and e-mails can make the difference.

At ATD Marketing we strive to take words and craft copy that makes your point, captures your clients' imagination and results in a profitable relationship for all concerned. We will work with you. We will listen to you and we will be your partner in every project. We speak with YOUR voice. We get to know your customers. We get to know YOU so that what we do comes from you even if we makeup the words.

Contact us for a quote and a discussion.

We are easy to find, we are easy to work with. We will ask you more questions than you ask us. We will not take on a project until we are satisfied that we can produce.

You can feel secure that we will tell you exactly what we think and discuss every aspect of your project before we begin.

We will seek your input and your expertise where needed and we will always remember that it is Your project, not ours.

So, give us a call at (217) 474-3971 or e-mail us and let's put the write tools to work for you.

We mean business!

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