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And Now... A Word From Our Sponsor

self employment

Is Your Business Your Passion?

Are you currently living the American Dream of owning your own business?

Do you have the freedom and opportunity to call your own shots? Are you responsible for your own life? Are you the master of your own fate? Have you taken the action necessary to free yourself from the time clock punching, mind numbing, follow the rules, do as I say; job?

If so, congratulations to you! So many are struggling every day at a job that they hate and would trade almost anything to be in your shoes.

business is a struggle

Well, It Just Isn't Like That At All!

Every day is a struggle. The problems you encounter would discourage almost anyone. Your time is spent putting out fires that should never have erupted. Your well trained employees come up with questions they should know the answers to. Your suppliers throw a monkey wrench into your marketing plans. There is always a salesman who has the best thing since sliced bread he/she wants to show you and the banker says you just can't do that! Yet, you persevere and work for the toughest boss you ever encountered!

Let ATD Marketing help

Like you, we are a small business. We have the same problems you do. Now, we can't solve those daily situations that come up; but we can help with the day to day support and promotional challenges you face.

We are trained to listen to you and offer you solutions to the problems you face while trying to make a profit. It is our goal to help you make informed decisions about what you need to support your business and what you can do to market your products and services to those fickle and un-loyal customers that seem only to care about what you can do for them and how cheaply they can get it.

Perception is Reality!

To achieve success it is important to create an image of success and quality while offering your products and services at competitive prices. What a challenge! Everything that touches your business must project an image of professionalism and ATD Marketing can help you do that. Our years of experience in printing, graphic arts, web design, marketing and operating a small business can be brought to bear on your behalf and our approach can make the sometimes daunting process of marketing much easier for you as you take care of the core aspects of your business.

So, let's talk and see if ATD Marketing can assist you with creating a quality and successful perception for your business. Just call Joe @ 217-474-3971 or e-mail me today and we'll get started.

You are a very lucky individual and you understand the challenges as well as the joys of being your own boss. You also understand it just isn't like everybody thinks.

pile of money
There ain't no pile of money growing in the back room!

Doesn't it kind of irritate you how those around you think that just because you are in business for yourself that you have tons of money and hours of free time to go fishing or golfing or just laze around?

Your employees (especially your employees), your friends, the phone company, the electric company, the insurance company and almost every one except your contemporaries are laboring under this misconception.

You do realize that as sthe owner you do have some options your employees might not. But, That is part of the reward for the risk you take to operate a business. So, enjoy those little perks knowing you have worked your behind off to get them.

Small Business

Your Small Business Is OUR Passion

At ATD Marketing it is our mission to provide support for the small businessperson. We know you don't have endless funds to market your business and we consciously seek out avenues that allow busiensses, just like yours, to market your business and acquire support materials without breaking the bank. That can be a daunting task and it can cost a lot of money.

We understand that your marketing budget may be small. But...
Marketing is one of the factors that can determine the success or failure of your business.

We try to provide marketing programs that are effective, easy to employ and reasonable in price. Every customer, client or patient that you acquire has some cost attached to it and if you market properly with the proper goals in mind your marketing will become a profit center and not a black hole!

So, check us out, ask questions you may have. If you are local to us let's get together and talk, if you're not, just give me a call at (217) 474-3971 or send me an e-mail With ATD there is NEVER an obligation to purchase anything. We ant to help and only if your decison is an informed one. That is why we like to speak directly with out clients and potential clients so that any questions they may have are answered and they use that information to decide of what we offer makes sensse. Only then will we proceed to implement and program or strategy discussed.

So Let's Talk!

You have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain. You won't know until you do your due dilligence and look, ask questions and get answers. We may not have the answer you are looking for, maybe we do, but you won't know until we talk!

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