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What is An Attention Keeper?

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Marketing Opportunities for
Local Businesses

marketing program targeted to local

Business Opportunities for You?

And Now... A Word From Our Sponsor

If you do nothing else in your business you better be Marketing it!

The First Duty of any Business Owner is to:

Acquire New Customers, Clients and/or Patients, While, at the Same Time, Keeping Existing Customers, Clients and/or Patients Engaged and Purchasing More

ATD Marketing


Do you remember being told that a square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square? Seems pretty simple by definition. But there are those who wonder about this and we'll leave them to their musings.

square & rectangle

Just as a square is always a rectangle, Marketing is Always Advertising but Advertising is NOT Always Marketing; just as a rectangle is not always a square!

Marketing is a verb and it connotates action. That is because TRUE Marketing always has a Call To Action! Without the action nothing really happens.

Oh, they may see your advertising, but it doesn't really demand that the reader DO SOMETHING! And, until they DO SOMETHING your business will not accomplish the top goal of acquiring new customers, clients or patients & keep your existing clients, customers or patients engaged and purchasing more.

How Can You Address This Dilemma?
Well, you don't have to bankrupt yourself. Marketing can be expensive, but done right it costs you nothing! How is that, you ask? Well, done right marketing should average around $3.00 return on every $1.00 spent. The operative term here is average. Sometimes you see $6.00/$1.00 spent and sometimes you only see $0.50/$1.00 spent. That doesn't mean you have lost money, it just means your message did not resonate well. You get some value out of every message you place in front of your target market, even if it's only branding. Having said that, if you are spending marketing money in an attempt to build your brand you have got it backwards. If you market your business with the main goal of making money and you are successful, the branding will come along with it. If you market your business with the goal of creating a brand odds are you'll go broke!

So, how does one Market the business? Well, check out what's out there and be sure not to just follow the crowd. Lemmings do that and you know the results, they all ran off the cliff following the leader. The important thing is that you DO Market your business and that when you decide what media/medium to use that your decision is an informed one. Snap decisions can lead to missed opportunities or lost money. My recommendation is to investigate, ask questions and then decide. At ATD Marketing we have a few structured programs and then we have custom programs that we create for individual businesses or groups of businesses. One of our beliefs is that by joining together small businesses can create a much more powerful program than on their own. 3 to 5 businesses or more can pool their money and get excellent results at a lower cost. That's why we offer you our....

These Programs are Designed for Local Businesses

If your business is within a 25 mi. radiusof Danville, IL this might be for you.

If your busines is outside a 25 mi. radius of of Danville, IL I would be happy to speak with you about setting them up in your area. Give me a call at: (217) 474-3971 or e-mail me and let's talk.

Attention Keeper Program

Attention Keeper

Click Here for more information on this program. If your business is within a 25 mi. radius of Danville, IL we can put your message in front of 360,000 pairs of eyes per year

 Your message on an Attention Keeper can be made interactive by using a QR Code that, when scanned, can lead to your web site, your Face Book page or we will create a mobile web page for you that can have pictures, videos, a coupon as a call to action and tap to call as well as links to your web site and/or face book page

Your message on an Attention Keeper will be presented to a captive audience that has nowhere to go for about an hour and 20 min. of htat hour will be spent waiting for something to happen. It is during those 20 minutes we capture their Attention with colorful Attention Keepers. e-mail me to get more information.

Birthday Club Program

We have a monthly Program available that targets people having a birthday. We send out 1,000 11.25" x 6" card with 13 - 2.5" x 2" coupons from local businesses. These coupons are usable by anyone who brings it in and presents it.


We call them Sparkers as they are designed to Spark the Attention of the recipient. They are a call to action with an offer to save money and receive a "Birthday Present" These are especially good for restaurants, entertainment venues & businesses that cater well to groups. A Birthday party can bring 5-20 people into a business which can provide a pretty good day. If you would be interested in participating in our Sparker Program just send me an e-mail me and let's talk

Your Local Business Is...

This is a monthly publication. Each month 5,000 of these will be placed in high traffic areas in Vermilion County, IL, Vermillion County, IN, Fountain County, IN, Warren County, IN. In places such as Restaurant entryways, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Where heavy traffic brings consumers by and they will pick them up and take them. Like the real estate magazines or the car trader magazines.


Why Would Anyone Pick One of These Up?

Well, they are colorful (eye catching), They are in an area where people expect to find such handouts and every month there is a contest where the winner gets a $25.00 Gift Certificate to any business listed in the publication.

The gift certificate is purchased by ATD Marketing from the business so that is not a part of the cost to participate.

This is all designed to puch the viewer to look closeely at each ad. Somewhere in every ad there is a word, small and seemingly out of place. In order to win the viewer must find all 12 words and include them in the entry form when they sign up to win. Then, their entry must be drawn in the drawing. So, the desire to win the gift certificate will force the reader to look at the ads to find the hidden word.

There are spaces for 12 businesses in the publication. Listings ARE exclusive! Each business gets a regular sized ad every month except one. The Business of the Month Ad is located on the front page and is much larger than those inside. Every buisiness gets the big ad on the front once in the year's duration of the program.

But Wait... There's More!

Each business also gets a black & white coupon placed on the insert that comes with the main piece each month. This coupon is your call to action, your opportunity to tell more of your story, whatever we determine is best to get the reader to do the one thing he has to do for you to succeed;Contact You!

This coupon can be changed monthly to keep your offer fresh and new, therby making it much more likely to draw them in and keep them looking each month.

If this program interests you just send me an e-mail meor give me a call at (217) 474-3971 and we can talk. This is not for everybody, but neither of us know if it is for you until we talk. There is NO obligation and an informed decision is what I am looking for no matter what that decision might be.

If you currently operate your business within a 25 mi. radius of Danville Illinois you should invest as little as $5.00 a week to have a listing in:

Again, this is simply to increase your web presence and get you into a popular Local Directory site that builds power by association and targeted market criteria. We can put pictures, video and more in your listing. There are two levels, each category has space for 3 Featured businesses and an unlimited number of Standard listings.

Featured Listings run $10.00/week and Standard Listings run $5.00/week. Both are a one year listing and if there is no category yet for your business we will create one.

Check this program out and then join us as we promote locally owned businesses within a 25 mi. radius of Danville, Illinois. Just drop me an e-mail me

Is your business outside that 25 mi. radius? Don't worry we can set up any of these programs for businesses within a 25 mi. radius of the largest town in your economic region. We might even offer you a position selling those listings. So give me a call at: (217) 474-3971 or e-mail me and let's talk.

Interested in Making Money?

The world is too big for me to cover alone.

Try as I might, I just can't reach out far enough to grow my business past the "All One Person Can Do" level. I need help! I can get that help in one of two ways

First, I can bring on employees to do some of the work and free up some time in my schedule. The only place that might work is to train some one to run the printing press. But that isn't where I need the help, yet. Where I really need help is some one who can and will go out on the street and sell my Marketing programs and services.

When I am overwhelmed by that I can consider hiring for the other areas I would like to let some one else do. I would even entertain the idea of a partnership if the right person were to ask. This is a scenario I have avoided for personal reasons, but would consider now. Just e-mail me  or give me a call at (217) 474-3971

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