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We're Looking for A Rare Person

sattention keeper

We are looking for that person who understands that to make good money one has to put forth good effort. That rare person who understands business and what it takes to be successful.

Do You Believe in the
'Something for Nothing Mantra'?

In this day of the 'No Effort, No Contact, Nuthin' to Sell' Business Opportunity it is rare to find a person who can make the effort necessary to be successful in a Business to Business sales situation. Just too damn much work is what most say.

So, if you think you can make good money without putting in some work please don't waste you time or mine by responding to this page.

But, If You Believe That You Get Out of
Something What You Put Into It, then read on...

Well, if you are of the belief that the only way to make what you are worth is to work for yourself, or in a situation that allows you to work independently and rewards you for your successes we are looking for YOU!

If you want to operate your own business where you make the decisions and you get the rewards this may be an opportunity for you.

Can you give stuff away? Have you ever sold advertising? Have you ever worked in a commission only position? Do you want to control your own success? If so, please read on and consider our program(s).

A Universal Truth!

Small business owners HATE advertising! I guarantee you that almost all small business owners consider advertising a total waste of time and money. If you have ever tried to sell advertising to a small business I'm sure the first response you got from the owner was, "We don't advertise, it doesn't work."

Why do they say that? Well, because in many cases it Doesn't Work! But why doesn't it work? Because the small business person lacks two critical things that are required for advertising to work.


In order for advertising to work one must have the patience to let it work. Let's look at how the big boys do it. If you are anything like me you get pretty tired of seeing or hearing the same ads over and over again. It begins to grate on your nerves after you have heard the same claim of how this car or that drug will solve all your problems.

But, the "experts", whoever they are, will tell you that before an ad becomes effective it has to be seen or heard approximately 7 times. We tend to tune out ads until they become familiar. So, for that ad to become effective it has to run over and over again.

And... if an ad proves to be effective after it has run enough to become familiar it will become a fixture in its market and we continue to hear it. Over and over again.

So, patience is required for advertising to be effective; which leads to second reason small business owner hate to advertise...

You Gotta Pay For It!!!

Nothing is truly free and along with the patience to allow advertising to work comes the cost of publishing, airing and producing the advertisement.

This can get expensive and most small businesses don't have thousands of dollars to invest in an advertising campaign.

Let's face it, even the smallest ad in the local newspaper of a medium sized town can cost upwards of $50.00 each time it is run. So, just to run that ad the seven times the "experts" say it must run before it even gets any attention can cost upwards of $350.00!

So, let's assume a business decides to run an ad in the local paper on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and pays just $50.00 for the privilege. That is $150.00 for one week's ads and the odds are most people will not even notice it.

If you think that is bad just move your media to the radio. In every market there are several radio stations, all playing a different format of music or talk. In that market are lots of people who ascribe to one of those formats. The problem is that most don't listen to a cross format. The rockers listen to the rock station, the country folks listen to the country station, the talk show aficionados listen to their brand of talk and they all do this to the exclusion of the other stations broadcasting in the same market.

Add to that the fact that most of us who listen to radio do it in the car and not at home and now you have reduced the exposure even more. So, the business person who decides to use the radio has to decide which format his customers listen to most or he or she has to advertise on multiple stations to reach a cross section of the population.

This leads to incredible cost and confusion on the business person's part. The radio stations love it because most of the stations in any given market are owned by the same corporation and they get multiple streams of income that really goes into the same pocket, theirs.

That, in a nutshell, is why the small business person throws up his or her hands and says, "I don't advertise, I can't afford it and it doesn't work!"

It is Better to Market Your Business Than to Advertise It...

We believe that Marketing is better than advertising. What's the difference, you might ask. Well, advertisie is a noun, it is something you do. Marketing is a verb, it conotates movement, action. That is what a business is willing to pay for; getting action. You see, if a business can't get people to come through the door, they have no customers. If a business has no customers it has no business.

So, everything a business owner should be doing should be designed to bring people through the doors or get them to take some ACTION which will help create customers. Marketing is designed to do that. Advertsing is designed to grow a brand. Now we would all love to have the next Coke or Apple, but most business owners want to make money and the brand an grow while money is being made; whereas if all you are doing is building a brand not much money is going to be made.

That's Where You Come In...

You can now offer businesses in your area a way to Market to a captive audience that will almost certainly look at the ad, and with a little coaxing actually respond to it!

You can offer the small businesses in your area something that no newspaper, radio or TV station can. Something that none of the above media would even ever try to offer. Something that meets the need of the local business person at a cost that will not break the budget and can provide a decent return on investment.

You can do this in a manner that no other media in your area would even attempt, and with benefits that no other media would ever claim. Not only can you now offer to provide cost effective marketing for your clients but you can actually help them build a marketing list of people who have actually seen their ad and track the results.

No other media can or would even claim to be able to do this. And this is just what the small businesses in your area need. Not many businesses remember to ask new customers where they heard about them; let alone have a way to track their marketing efforts unless they are doing direct mail (very expensive) or Internet marketing (many small businesses still haven't gotten this part or the equation yet) so they don't know if what they do as far as advertising works or not.

These ARE things the big box businesses do because they have enough time, employees and HR policies to institute them. The small, local business is too busy trying to survive the onslaught of the big box stores to do these things and therefore they are at a distinct disadvantage. You, can now help them catch up.

Make Money by Giving Stuff Away!

We have a program for that industrious person who wants to be independent, enjoys direct sales and understands that Marketing is important to businesses of all sizes and the smaller business has the biggest struggle to balance Marketing costs with effectiveness.

This program entails giving restaurants FREE Place Mats (we call them Attention Keepers) and then selling Marketing space on these Attention Keepers. This program works best with the small to mid-sized Mom & Pop Restaurants. They are a small business and can understand the need to Market and the costs involved. They identify with the type of business that Markets on this medium. And they like getting the Attention Keepers free and the feeling that they are helping their contemporaries.

Small to mid-sized businesses like to Market on this medium because they understand the concept of 'captive audience' and the likelihood that those who are exposed to them will read them just because they have nothing better to do at that moment.

So, if you enjoy direct sales in a business to business climate and you would like to be in control and make very good money for your efforts, read on and let's see if our program is something you would like to participate in.

A Simple Place Mat

Can Make You a Lot of $$$

Place Mats are
11" x 17" or 8.5" x 14"
and are

attention keeper

On our typical 11" x 17" Attention Keeper there are 25 ad spaces. We give two to the Restaurant, use two for the contest entry blank and use one for ourselves (you when you sell the ads). This leaves 20 sellable ad spaces per place mat. On the 8.5" 14" Attention Keeper there are 16 and 14 (see above).

Sell all 20 spaces for suggested retail price of $510.00 for 20,000 place mats and you gross: $10,200.00! Now, you have to deduct the cost of creating and printing the mats and getting them to you (that's where we come in). So,for full color mats your cost would be approximately, $3,000.00 leaving you a net profit of $7,200.00.

You can discount ads up to 23% ($395) and you still pocket $4,900! That is still $245 per ad and assuming you can sell an ad in about 10 minutes that works out to $1,470.00 per hour!

This is your own advertising business.  We are your supplier. We do the graphic arts work, the printing and ship the mats to you or to your restaurant whichever you choose. We work with you on the proofing process so nobody's ad is wrong and nobody is unhappy.

We advise you and assist you in getting the artwork needed to make sure the ads appear as they should. You do not have to have any printing experience or even sales experience to make this work.

We have the contracts you need to make sure you and your clients are protected. We customize them with your information at a very reasonable cost in small quantities so you don't have to have 1,000's of them on hand.

We can provide you with business cards for less than you might imagine and we don't charge you any set-up fees for them.

We help you get started with scripts for the restaurants, scripts for the advertisers, sample place mats to show restaurants and customers alike until you have some of your own to show.

What Do You Have To Do?

All you have to do is find the restaurant, sell the ad space, collect the money and the artwork and get it to us.  We do the rest.  We do the layout, the printing, we assist you with the proofing process and we are your consultant!

We provide you with contracts, business cards, a demo kit and a plan.  You provide the energy, the sales presentation, the distribution and the acquisition of restaurants.

It is simple, it is straightforward and it is a no-brainer for small businesses and restaurants.

Get multiple restaurants and offer greater coverage and charge larger fees.  And get larger profits!

What Makes Our Program Different?

FIRST: We Care About Our Advertisers!

One of the biggest complaints we hear about advertising is that "Who knows what works?!" The small business person has a very small advertising budget and is perplexed about how to make sure the money spent on promotion is actually effective and heard, read or seen by those who need to see it.

Your monthly contest to award a $20.00 Gift Certificate to one of your readers requires that the entrant find and write down words hidden in the ads on the entry blank. (These words when put together in the proper order will make a famous quote, such as "Four score and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation...". They don't have to form the quote, but they do have to get all the words to win). This assures our advertisers that their ad will be looked at. This is more than almost any other advertising medium does for its advertisers. With them, it's give us your money, we'll put it out there and maybe some one will see it. NO guarantees!

Add to that that at the end of the year, you will provide your advertisers with all the names, addresses, etc. you get when folks submit their entry blank and therefore provide your clients with a marketing list, and you have now not only provided a cost effective, guaranteed advertising opportunity but you have also given your client a way to further market his or her business to those folks who patronize the restaurant and read their ads. No one else does this and you will become not an advertising salesperson but a marketing partner to those who choose to work with you and your value and your fees will increase as well.

How Do You Get Started and
What Does It Cost?

Excellent question! And here is the answer...

First: Fill out and submit the form below. We will then contact you to answer any questions you may have.

Second: Click on the link on the page you see after submitting your info below and purchase our starter kit. Or, just order the kit below and get started on your own right away. In this kit you will receive (it is downloadable right from the thank you page) sample place mats, restaurant scripts, advertising scripts, a sample contract which we can customize using your info (you definitely want to have these for your advertisers), a little program that turns your computer into a teleprompter (great for practicing your scripts and for when you are contacting potential clients by phone and other valuable information to help you get started.

Now, we do charge $100.00 for this kit. But before you freak out I want you to know, we don't want that $100.00. We want your printing and graphics business. So, when you place your first order for mats we deduct $100.00 from your cost. We only charge the $100.00 so if you do not produce a mat with us we get something for the starter kit.

After all, we spent many years developing this program and the items in this kit and we think we should be compensated for it if you don't use our services to produce place mats. It also, to be truthful weeds out those who really don't want to work to do this and saves us time so we can concentrate our efforts with those who do.

This Companion Program Can Put Even
More $ in Your Pocket!

Actual Cup Imprint

The same restaurant(s) that can use the Attention Keepers can use coffee cups. We have a program that allows you to give restaurants FREE coffee cups as well as the place mats. You then sell 7 ads (there are 8, but keep one for yourself). This promotion doesn't make as much money as the place mats but is a wonderful companion. You can use this as a bonus to get the place mat ad. You can use this to get an advertiser to participate in multiple restaurants at a lower cost. Sign up and we'll give you all the angles.

Begin Your Journey Here!

If you believe you are the person(s) we are looking for and want more information about how you can start "Making Money by Giving Stuff Away", please fill out the form and submit it and we will contact you right away.

All Fields are Required in order for us to contact you.

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about the prospect of working with you and the clientele you develop for your own little ad agency!

No experience is required to take advantage of this opportunity. What is required is your commitment and effort. If you are not prepared to give that please don't bother submitting the form. Your time is valuable and so is ours, let's not waste any of it.

If you just want the start-up kit without our contacting you you may just:

Or, You may fill out the form below and then purchase the kit and we will contact you to answer all of yoru questions. the choice is yours and we hope to do some more business with you and help you succeed.








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ATD Marketing can help you with ALL these different aspects of Your Business. We are truly a multi-media company that
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There is NEVER an Obligation to buy. We are just looking for an open mind that will look, ask questions and then make an informed decision about what we have to offer and how it might be to your advantage to participate.

And for having an open mind and taking an honest look, we have two FREE gifts for you that can be used on a daily basis. So, call 217-474-3971 and schedule your no Obligation Consultation Today!

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