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Google's "Mice" Update!!!!

If you have a web site, this is IMPORTANT!

As of April 21, 2015 Google we applying its new "mice" algorithms. If your current web site isn't optimized for viewing on a mobile device (smartphones, in particular) You may lose all that hard work you did to get high rankings to justify all the money you have put into your Internet Presence!

Click Here to see why you need to optimize your site and call (217) 474-3971 or e-mail me @ to discuss how you can beat the deadline and save your rankings.

Time = Money Let
ATD Marketing
Save You Both!

If you are going to write marketing copy for your own business or for a client's a lot of time will be required to do the necessary research. That is time you can use to speed up your completion of a project. That brings the check home to you quicker and you can then move on to the next project. See how that works? Time truly is money and the more time you can spend actually writing your promotion and the less time you spend researching the more money you can put in your pocket.

Let AWAI trained ATD Marketing do the research for you so you can spend your time writing the copy that will actually do the job you are trying to do.

In order to write that sizzling copy you need time.

To get the facts, figures and proof you need to complete a successful mail piece, web page, landing page or e-mail campaign you must have tons of referenced materials. These materials are readily available but to find and compile them takes a lot of time and effort.

Time you could be using to actually write the copy that will convince your client and customer to do what you want them to do. That is take advantage of your offer.

What if you could have the time to do the writing without having to spend hours and hours researching the subject? What if you could set down at your computer and have that information at your fingertips?

Let ATD invest the time while you get the facts

We have the time and the knowledge necessary to get you the facts you need to write that winning promotion. We will save you more time and money than you will have to pay us for this service.

After all, your time can be worth up to $1,000 per hour and why spend it on the minutiae of researching a subject when you can spend it on the profitable part of the project?

What We Need From You

In order to properly research your project we need specific information from you. You can fill out our Research Request Document here. This will let us know what to research and how to contact you. We will contact you to finalize the job prior to commencing the research.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

We wish to thank you for your visit to our site and for considering us for your research work.

Contact us for a quote and a discussion.

We are easy to find, we are easy to work with. We will ask you more questions than you ask us. We will not take on a project until we are satisfied that we can produce.

You can feel secure that we will tell you exactly what we think and discuss every aspect of your project before we begin.

We will seek your input and your expertise where needed and we will always remember that it is Your project, not ours.

So, give us a call at (217) 474-3971 or e-mail us and let us do the research work for you.

We mean business!

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