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Fire is the #1 Killer
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Test Your Fire Safety
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When was the Last
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Get A FREE Fire Safety
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Two Types of Fire
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Are YOUR Smoke
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What Will Work
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How to Get Them
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National Fire Protection Association

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self employment-the American dream

So, You Want to be Self Employed!

That truly is commendable. You have the desire to live the American Dream! There are so many ways one can accomplish this and we certainly do not claim to offer them all.

We do, however have several paths one might follow to achieve this dream and we are proud to offer them to you here. None of these opportunities is a get rich quick scheme and all require effort on your part to succeed. We do not believe in get rich quick as the results of this type of endeavor usually end up with some one being disappointed.

In Order To Succeed In Any Business YOU Must Do Your Due Diligence!

We are here to help you succeed in any of these endeavors. We have utilized most of these programs ourselves and that is why we offer them to you, we know they work!

We are happy to be your consultant and to answer your questions as well as help you get set up to proceed with any of these programs. We will do our best to make sure you have the information you need to accomplish your tasks.

We cannot guarantee your success, only you can do that. But we can tell you how we do it and you can copy what you find helpful and innovate to make the program your own.

We Will Be Your Partner

Our passion is small business! We believe that the small business is truly the backbone of our entire economy. Sure, it is nice to have those mega businesses, like Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc. that employ large numbers of people. But, before those giants appeared the locally owned, small business was what powered the economy of all cities and towns. If the mega businesses disappeared tomorrow the small, locally owned business would remain and that is the type of business we operate and the type we offer here.

We also like to work with other small businesses and you will find the offerings here often work in conjunction with or promote other businesses. We believe in co-opetition! Competition is great and that is what makes our economy so dynamic. But, co-operation is also of great value and we promote it whenever possible. Many of these opportunities depend on co-operation between competing businesses for the benefit of all.

mobile marketing

Marketing for the 21st Century!

Common Short Code & SMS Mobile Marketing is truly the wave of the future and now You can get in on the ground floor of an industry that is projected to grow 2700% over the next three years! Using a number that almost everyone recognizes, 90210, you can offer your clients the most incredible marketing program available today! Click Here Now to find out how.

print broker resource

Be A Print Broker

You don't have to run a press to print money! You can provide a valuable service to other small business owners by becoming a print broker. You can be a dealer for 100's of commercial printers and they won't charge you a dime to have them work for you! Click Here to get started!

plae mat advertising

Place Mat & 0r Coffee Cup Advertising Rocks!

This is one of the most effective, co-operation programs we have ever used! The restaurant gets FREE place mats and/or coffee cups and the local business community gets to market directly to the restaurant's customers in a captive audience situation.You can almost guarantee your client that their ad will be seen and read. Click Here

discount coupons

Coupon Books Can
Work For You

You can sell the coupons and give the books away or you can give the coupons away and sell the books. Either way you can make good money promoting local businesses with discount coupons. An Excellent Fund Raising Program for you local Little League, Band or Athletic Boosters! Click Here

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